Financing for LED technology


As for repairs, reconstructions and constructions of new public lighting systems, we very often encounter problems faced by individual municipalities in the Czech Republic and that is the issue of financing.
Cities and municipalities strive to solve the same problem as all our public administration offices, and that is the notorious problem of insufficient funding.

Filák, s.r.o. offers the following for its projects:


  • Financial leasing
  • Credit loans
  • Operating lease
  • Grants and subsidies



Financial leasing refers to a long-term use of an object, where the lessor transfers over to the lessee all risks and benefits associated with the operation of the facility. The lease period is usually the same as the economic life of the financed equipment and the lease payments cover the acquisition price of the leased equipment.

Financial leasing is used for permanent acquisition of the selected property and refers to:

  • LED technology leasing
  • repayment period based on shortened payment calendars up to 72 months
  • 0% down payment
  • residual value CZK 1,000.00 without VAT
  • option to increase the residual value and reduce instalment payments during the financing period
  • leasing with the obligation to purchase and the option to deduct the entire VAT from the subject of the financing and other financial services available immediately at the beginning of the financing



Financing through a loan is an option that immediately transfers the object under the the ownership of the client, it is reported under the company’s assets, which allows a one-time deduction of the full VAT from the acquisition price at the time of acquisition of the object.

This method of financing meets the requirements for obtaining subsidies from the state budget or from the European Structural Funds and includes:

  • repayment period from 6 to 72 months, including insurance offer
  • first payment in the amount of VAT
  • repayment of the loan by an increased instalments in the amount of VAT or the use of seasonal instalment calendar



Operating lease refers to a short-term or medium-term use of the subject by the lessee, where the duration of the lease is shorter than the economic life of the subject and the instalments paid by the lessee cover only a certain portion of the acquisition price. The risk of the residual value of the leased asset is usually borne by the lease provider.

The purpose of an operating lease contract is to obtain assets by the company for the required period of use without the need to purchase the assets under the ownership of the company.

Operating lease with no services:

  • operating lease with no services
  • full service – operational leasing with services
  • zero first instalment or minimum down payment at the beginning of the lease
  • lease period from 6 to 60 months with the option to buy the object/asset



Subsidies for public lightning systems represent a co-financing paid from the relevant funds. This form of financing is subject to generally established procedures and requirements the grant applicants must comply with. The applicant must observe the basic provisions such as compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

A great emphasis is put on the technical level of the project preparation as well as on the subsequent implementation.

Grant and subsidy resources:

  • Regional resources
  • State resources
  • European resources


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