FILÁK, s.r.o.

Our company was founded in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of holographic machines and auxiliary equipment. In our premises we produce holograms and wide range of valuables. In the field of holography we collaborate with specialists from the Faculty of Nuclear Science at Czech Technical University in Prague and the Faculty Chemistry at Technical University in Brno .

In 2014 an agreement on cooperation with SITTA FACTORY s.r.o. was concluded . This company performs the business activity in the field of holography. Our further business activities include project drawings of solar photovoltaic units including installation and also the production of LED street lights and industrial lights. Apart from the Czech Republic, we also operate in Slovakia, Poland and Russian Federation.
We employ approximately 50 people and our turnover in 2013 was 180million CZK

Filák, s.r.o. is a member of an international organization: International Hologram Manufacturers Association – IHMA.


IHMA 2017
Filák, s.r.o. as a Member of International Hologram Manufacturers Association


Because of the close interconnection of science, research and marketing, we are always ahead of our competitors. We own several patents. Our solutions are simple, fast and effective – they are always adjusted to our clients. We are the only one in the Czech Republic and one of the few businesses in the whole world to provide comprehensive solutions in holography, from the development and production of machines, auxiliary equipment and technology up to the hologram itself and final products therewith.


  • machines for the mass application of controlled holograms, gilding films and holographic strips
  • machines and auxiliary equipment to produce and press holograms and machines to apply hot stamping
  • graphic design and production of master holograms, stamping holograms into polymer films
  • arrangement of the production and delivery of printed material containing holograms
  • delivery of printed material containing holograms applied by hot stamping (packaging and alcohol labels etc.)
  • production of forgery-proof shrinking holographic caps for bottle tops
  • production of self-adhesive holographic standard and destructive labels (HW, glass, shoes etc.)
  • protection of the production of instruments such as bonds, debentures, cheques, shares, credit cards etc.
  • production of vouchers, tickets, admission cards, warranty certificates etc.
  • production of exclusive promotional objects and material with holograms
  • mintage of holograms into metal parts (coins, car parts etc.)

Additionally, we offer cooperation in the utilization of holography in industrial applications.