budova_okraj_1260FILÁK, s.r.o. was recorded into the Commercial Register in Brno on
September 1993.

At first the production equipment corresponded with the business intention of that period, which was the production of  parts for an Austrian company  Freudenberg Kufstein, which is a subsidiary of a multinational corporation Freudenberg with the registered office in  Weinheim.

The company soon proved that the capacity and technical level of the company is higher and the production programme started to involve more and more various products.

 The company started to cooperate with a strategic business partner MEDAM A.G. Schaan, Liechtenstein that helped the company to get new customers. One of significant customers was  Werndel Rosenheim Germany specializing in the production of office furniture which was overtaken by a multinational company STEELCASE with the registered office in Milwaukee - Wisconsin USA, with European HQ in Strasburg. Due to the multinational operation of this company, we started to produce wider variety of products for assembly companies in Germany and other European countries.

In 2002 we commenced cooperation with companies in France, such as DELAGRAVE – a producer of furniture for cinemas and schools – and POLFATECH – a supplier of parts for furniture in chemical laboratories.

In 2003 our company signed a long-term contract with a German company WIHAG with the registered office in Bielefeld for the production of container legs.

Due to the increase of the production, it had become obvious that the production equipment was insufficient to meet the requirements, so in 2001 the company build a painting shop for powder paints, in cooperation with IDEAL Brno, which was opened and put into operation in 2002.

Other significant and very prospective activity is the production of machines and equipment for the production and application of holograms. In this field we cooperate with specialist from the Faculty of nuclear science ČVÚT in Prague.

Due to long research and development cooperation, the machines and auxiliary equipment for hologram application were developed and are successfully sold.

Owing to the fact that this field is very specific, our company is one of few in Europe and in the world specializing in this problem.

The aim of our company is to achieve long –term stability and prospective not only in metal production, but also in holography. The company has introduced the system of quality management according to ISO 9001 : 2000 and  is sincerely concerned in the protection of environment and working environment.

In 2004 the company signed an contract with a German company JOST – production of container legs, frames, bars and other parts for track industry.