Filák, s.r.o. fulfils the dreams of its customers by technical and practical knowledge using modern technologies and machines.
Practical knowledge, creativity and the ability to come out with fast and constructive solution are used not only in machine production, but also in holography. We belong to top quality companies in our field of business, and we keep improving our services.

Our customers always get out of standard solutions and results.

You do not pay for our services, but for….result…, which we guarantee.
Our basic company values:
  • Direct orientation to the customer
    Our priority is customer´s satisfaction with a result that completely meets his/her wishes and needs.
  • Quality guarantee
    We are proud on the results of our work. The quality is the most important element to achieve the final result that meets customer´s requirements. Our company has introduced the system of quality management according to ISO 9001 : 2000 and we keep improving our quality.
  • Powerful and highly qualified team
    Our team is joined only by real professionals in their field. No average work results are accepted in our team, because our aim is to keep achieving outstanding results.
  • Environment protection
    We use environment friendly materials and equipment. We support and observe the material recycling and we avoid wasting with natural sources.
  • Direct and constructive meetings
    We are always sincere and honest during meetings and our achievements presentation. We achieve the meeting of our customer´s requirements and final results by constructive discussions. We never waste our customer´s time. 
  • Strong business relations
    We create strong and long-term business relationships with our customers. Only such relationships guarantee mutual satisfaction and a guarantee of even better results.